Novalja region

Beside it variety of beaches and good entertainment, the surrounding villages offer a beautiful nature that surrounds them. These places are very similar but each of them hides there special features that makes them worth a visit. Here you will certainly find a comfortable place to stay and rest with you family and friends.

Stara Novalja


Stara Novalja is a village located southeast from Novalja in a quiet bay perfect for families and those that want to be in a quiet place but still near to all the major events in Novalja. Along the bay is the beach Planjka, one of the most beautiful natural and cleanest beach with many activities. It attracts many tourists ad since the summer of 2004 it has a Blue flag as proof of a high quality beach. Stara Novalja is „hidden“ from the mainland which makes it very pleasant in terms of climate and sea temperature and provides sunny weather out of the season. It’s suitable for sports and recreational activities, water sports, especially sailing and diving. There are a couple of diving centers who will show you the way to the archaeological sites in Vlaska Mala bay. A sunken Roman merchant ship from them 1st century BC, with many amphorae, is located there. After the sun and the sea during the day, the evening offer a long walk on the beautiful promenade by the sea.



Lun is the northernmost settlement on the island of Pag which looks like a forefinger. A long time ago it was under the Rab episcopal jurisdiction and after that it belong to the city of Zadar. It is most famous for its olive gardens filled with olive trees that are thousands of years old. Olive trees that grow there are specified as wild olive trees and it makes a forest of 80 000 trees. The Lun olive area is very important and in 1963 it was declared a natural reserve.



Caska is located only 2,5 kilometers from Novalja and 1 kilometer from Zrce beach. The western side of Pag bay offers a crystal clear sea and beautiful beaches. Pine forests and bushy herbs such as bay leaves provide the incentive for enjoying the benifits of the Mediterannean bay. Apart from its natural beauty, this area is rich of cultural heritage. Caska is known for it archaelogical site of ancient arhitecture, the old Roman city that sank in the 4th century. Her story is similar to the story about Atlantis. Also, there are monuments that prove the egzistance of human life in this area from the 1st to the 4th century AD. There are a lot of recreational sea activites – aqua gun, tennis, bocca, beach vollyball and other sports, and the most famous day and night parties at Zrce beach. This is just a small part that Caska can offer. The harmony of the sun and sea, traditions and fun will make your visit unforgettable.



Gajac is situated near Zrce beach. This new settlement filled with apartments was built for holidays and it is full of good gastronomic service and its only 4 kilometers from Novalja. The most beautiful beach is Branicevica and nearby is the ornithological reserve Kolan blato known for the variety of bird species. This destination is desirable to many tourists because of its mild climate, plenty of sunshine and it’s surrounded by sea and rocks with the magnificent view of Velebit.



Metajna is a small town located 15 kilometers from Novalja. It is located on the sea in a sheltered cove of the Pag bay. It is surrounded by hills and on the south side the green valley is situated with low Mediterranean vegetation. Throughout the whole town there is a magnificent view of the whole bay and more. Also, it has a lot of small vineyards owned by locals. The sea is crystal clear, the beaches are tidy and clean and on one of them is healing mud, known as a remedy for rheumatism and dermatological illnesses. During the season, on the beach are organized fishing evenings and the locals are extremely proud of their homemade cuisine so you can try homemade wine Zutica –originally from the island. Nearby is Stogaj rock for those who crave adrenalin rushes and it is recorded on European maps for sport climbing.

Vidalići, Kustići, Zubovići


Vidalici, Kustici and Zubovici are small settlements on the northeastern side of the island and they are located on the road from Novalja to Metajna. With the small town of Metajna, they are also known as Barbati. They are peaceful places isolated from the crowds and noises and is very suitable for families. Also almost every house offers accommodation and all of them are a few meters away from the long sandy beaches and gastronomical services.[/two_third]