Interests & Activities




Near the ferry port Zigljen, in 1999 on the Tusto Celo hill was discovered the phenomenom that intrigued many ufologists. The Pag triangle is the name for the imprint in the shape of a triangle and the stones inside of it are a lighter color. Geological studies show that the stones  after they are expoused to ultraviolet light emit red. The red color shows that a long time ago, about 12 000 years ago, the stones have been termally treated. Although the phenomenom was never discovered, its existence is often associated with the appearence of UFOs over the whole Pag area in the past. The discovery of the triangle is a sensation and was visited by over half a million tourists. Many of them took the stones believing that they have healing properties or supernatural powers. Because of the devastation, the city of Novalja protected the area in 2000.



 It is assumed that the Pag sundial was used in ancient times because of its geographical position. The middle of the island is intersected by the 15th meridian that tells Central European time. The time on sundials are not accurate and the error varies five to ten minutes, depending on where it is positioned and on the set up precision. The Pag sundial has an error of three minutes. A monument was built where the meridian intersects as a marble line.


Scuba diving


If you love the marine life and the beauty of the blue underwater, then we recommend a tour of the Roman amphora on the sunken Roman merchant ship from the first century BC. It is located at the depth of 30 meters in the Velebit canal in the Vlaska Mala bay. If you are a fan of the deep sea and beautiful underwater scenery, contact one of the diving centers in Novalja and Stara Novalja.



Pag by its irregular relief is an ideal base for the double pleasure of those that love cycling. It is a combination of long mountain trails and beautiful scenery that surrounds them. Those who have tried can’t decide which path is better. But you have a choice, Pag offers 14 trails that are wonderful and beautiful.



For thosewho crave for adrenalin rushes, Pag has multiple locations for climbing. In certain areas of the island, the cliffs are shaped unusually and are elivated and it makes them more demanding and interesting. One of those rocks is Stogaj, above the beach Rucice near Metajna. It is recorded in the European maps for sport climbing. Apart from the natural rocks, there is also an artificial one. Simuni kamp is the only camp in Croatia that has an artificial rock.

Wakeboard Cable


This sport is a mixture of water skiing and surfing. Today it is very popular especially among the younger generation. It is performed in two ways, riding behind a boat or on the ski lift. Right next to Zrce beach, you can find the ski lift as well as the rental of equipment for this sport.

Other activities

From water sports, vollyball, tennis courts, fitness and wellness up to paintball, it is possible to find something for everyone. In the summer time various tournaments are organized which have already become tradicional. Some of them are indoor socccer, boat fishing, bocce and spearfishing.[/two_third]