History sites



The ancient aqueduct is certainly a unique tourist attraction built in the 1st century by the Romans, whose role was to supply with drinking water from Novaljsko polje. It is 1042 meters long and 60-70 centimeters wide. The locals call it the Italian buza and this unique underwater tunnel was carved by solid rock by human hand. Today it is open for visitors. Novalja City Museum is the entrance to the tunnel and can be explored at a distance of 150 meters.



At the bottom of the Vlaska Mala bay, in 2004 are discovered the remains of a Roman merchant ship from the 1st century BC. There were about 100 amphorae found and were used for transporting wine, oils and other products. They are made from resistant ceramic materials that resists the destructive effects of nature for thousands of years. Apart from the amphorae, two anchors were found and other objects that belonged to the sunken ship. The site was protected in 2004 and is open to all divers.



In the area of Caska bay, there are numerous archaeological sites that belong to ancient times. Her story is similar to the story about Atlantis. According to historians, an old Roman city sunk in the 4th century do to an earthquake. It is believed that Caska was a city of 5000 people. Her secret has not been revealed but is certainly interesting