Annual events in Novalja




Typically for that part of the year, from the middle of January till Mesopust, when Lent begins, is when the carnival event is happening. There are carnival themed parties every Saturday night in that period, Sunday morning’s kids’ festival. On the last day of that period, there is the main event on the afternoon hours on the main square- Plac.

Easter breakfast


Easter breakfast is organized on the Easter Monday morning on the main square. There are local food and specialties characteristic for that part of the year, followed by local music and good ambiance. This manifestation is also welcome to our early, preseason guests, since 2001.

May 1st celebration


Around first of May, there is fest in Novalja, followed by dances and music. Main theme of this even is local delicacy, made by local cooks. On this gastronomic and eco event, citizens receive flower seedlings, so every house in Novalja can be decorated with flowers

Novalja cultural summer


This event starts somewhere before St. Anthony’s holiday (13th of June), also celebrated as the day of Novalja city. Couple of days of culture, sport and entertainment. On Novalja culture summer, you can see the exhibitions, book exhibitions, participate in Klapa concerts, and many other concerts. You can also see good histrionics and see a film in an opened cinema, and in the end witness the victories of your favorites on the sports events.

Novalja music summer


Part of Novalja culture summer, like Novalja Trijatar. On Novalja culture summer you can listen to classical music concerts.

„Nakanat“ festival


Event happens at 25th of November on St. Catherine’s holiday, protector of Novalja parish. Nakanat singing is traditional singing in two voices. On that event you can see many singing pairs from the entire island of Pag There are many known Klapa singers from Pag, such as “Novalja”, “Luminali”, “Slava” and “Murtelice” that cherish the original Dalmatian style of singing.

Christmas event


Cultural event better known as “Novaljski raspivani Bozic”, the even happens every year in a period between Christmas and New Year, since 1997. On the event there are many local and guest Klapa singers, choirs. All in purpose of enriching holidays with adequate art program.[/two_third]